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Inland Helicopters

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I was wondering if anyone has experience with Inland Helicopters in Spokane, WA?

Do they have a good reputation? How can I find out if they're a good school (do their main concerns revolve around pilot or profit)? Obviously they're a business so profit is important, but you understand my point. Who should I call to find out? The local FAA or FSDO? They provide quite a few commercial services: animal surveys, land surveys, agricultural flights, tours, aerial photography, news gathering, and a few more so they have to have some sort of reputation I can look into.


I'm considering moving in with my family near there for personal reasons and just want to be sure I won't be shooting myself in the foot by switching schools. The one I'm attending currently is pretty good; though they don't provide near the amount of commercial services so perhaps I would have better job opportunity training at Inland.


Here is their website:



Thanks for you help.

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