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Newbie saying hello to all ... and a salary question

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I have just graduated from the University of Tennessee with a bachelors in finance. With that said, everyone knows its pretty hard to get a job in the finance sector right now, or anywhere for that matter. Combine that with the fact that after having worked in an office, I have come to the realization I would much rather be outside, or up in the air :D , working. One thing leads to another and I have become very interested in pursuing a career as a helicopter pilot. One main concern is salary. I would like to make enough to raise a family comfortably.

I have seen a lot of different stats and fact about a pilot's salary on the internet with a pretty wide range of answers. I would like to get some facts about some different occupations such as ems, fire fighting, heliski, etc. I know you need a couple thousand hours at minimum to qualify for these jobs so I would also like to know how much most CFI's make. One more thing, all these salary numbers I have been seeing are not very high, HOWEVER... some jobs would be working only half the year or less if I am correct. This would mean the actual hourly wage must me pretty good if you broke it down like that. I was wondering what most pilots did in the other six months or more of the year to add to their income. It seems you could make a very good living doing this if you worked doing logging, fire suppression, or offshore and then having a different career for the rest of the year. I apologize in advance if this has already been discussed on the forum and thanks for all the replies and opinions!



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A cfii/cfi makes somewhere between 13-50$/hr. But most schools pay you 20-30$/hr (flying) and about

20$/hr for a ground lesson.


If you fight fires ,you make about 350$ or more per day plus perdiem (~100$).


if you make it into logging and fly the Chinook(pic) you can make up to 200.000$

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