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MD500 over Calverton on Sunday


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Just wondering if this was anyone on here:


This past Sunday (Oct. 4th) around 5pm, what looked like a MD500 flew over Calverton Airport on Long Island at 50-100ft. I don't know if you are aware, but that is an active skydiving drop zone and you flew directly over the landing area. For the safety of you and the jumpers (myself included) it would be helpful if you flew around the airport. If you are flying in that area and want to know the status of the jumpers, the pilots announce them on the unicom 122.9.


Alternatively, you could always take some of us up to 5k feet and let us jump! :D

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Active drop zone 24/7? Or only when there are divers in the air?


Theres usually a fee on the side for those kinds of jumps :). Typically about $100 a pop :D


I think by "active" he means on a regular basis. Having spent about 400 hrs flying skydivers before i got into R/W I can appreciate his concern.


The navy trainers used to zip across our drop zone at 100' and 200kts. I can only image the helpless feeling being under parachute and having one of those guys coming at you not paying attention.

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