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I am currently working on my CFI. I am working on building up a binder to use for the checkride as well as lesson plan resources. A couple weeks ago I saw one of the CFI's here had made available and posted a link to his own personal resource list, but now I can't seem to find it. Anybody have the link handy or point me in the right direction?


Thanks a head of time!

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Here's the post you are looking for. I also have been publishing my lesson plans here [link]. My site is constructed so that other CFIs, students, and pilots can expand on what I started with...sort of a way to infuse experience into the flight training industry, rather than having to start over with every new 200-hour CFI.


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The PTS for the CFI certificate has all the publications that need to be referenced under each area of operation to write your own. It took me about a month to finish up my work for the rating but I feel i gained instructional knowledge by putting the time and effort into writing and studying my own lesson plans. Good luck.

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Ok can someone give me the rundown on how to decompress the rar file? I have downloaded the software but my computer wont open it without choosing an application, and I have no clue where to go from there. Thanks!


Go HERE and download and install WinRAR. It's free and will let you extract/decompress almost anything, .rar and .zip are most prevalent for files. Extremely easy to use. Once it's installed you can either double click the .rar to launch the extractor or right click and select "Extract here". Good luck!

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