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A call to all VR users


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Hello all,


Every year, HAI accepts nominations for Salute to Excellence awards. I am requesting your assistance in nominating Lyn Burks for the "Excellence in Communications" award.


My first experience with JH was in 1998 as an EMS pilot in S. Carolina. We were hospital based and not much going on. I found Justhelicopters.com on a slow shift and started having discussions with other pilots from all over the world. One thread may take days and days to fill as very few users knew of the site. The original developer of the site, Bill Kellogg did a wonderful job with the site and his efforts are much appreciated.


A couple years later, Lyn and I were working on a project. It had something to do with crown molding (I still think I could have done it Lyn ;). By chance, we met the new owner of JH. He was a nice guy living in Stuart, Florida and bought the site due to his interest in helicopters. At the end of a business meeting with this man, Lyn spoke up out of the blue and said, "hey, if you ever want to sell the site...let me know". A few days later he called and a deal was struck.


I remember asking Lyn "what would you do with that website?". His response then and where the site is today is amazingly similar. His vision, foresight, and passion was only overshadowed by his lack of financial resource. Simply due to his lack of knowing when to quit, Lyn found all of the resources he needed and kept on with his vision. Lyn later acquired Vertical Reference and for those loyal followers, the same dedication has been displayed by Lyn here as well.


I am proud to call Lyn Burks my friend. We all have benefited from his efforts through this Forum, employment opportunities, salary information, and many, many other things that are just to numerous to mention. Today it would be difficult to find someone in the helicopter industry that hasn't heard of Justhelicopters.com & Verticalrefrence.com.


Please help me in getting Lyn Burks the recognition he truly deserves. The link below will take you to the HAI webpage to cast your nomination. I am hopeful that you all have found a similar value in the work that Lyn Burks has done. Please show your appreciation by casting your vote today. The deadline for nominations is October 16, 2009.


Nomination link:





Randy Rowles

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Count me in.


Also going to make a contribution to the scholarship fund on behalf of Mr. Landcaster -

threadjacking from a different post earlier, but a lot of us still miss you John...thanks for everything you did.




BTW Randy, enjoyed the pilot refresher course with you in Anaheim.

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