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Cheapest rates you've found

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I'm just about finished up with my Private, and moving on to Instrument it seems directly after.. But want to find the best rates or deals out there. I dont mind traveling for a bit, although I do have kids.. So not tooo long!

Any experiences, Anything or places you've seen with great rates?

Thanks guys!!

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My school has pretty competitive rates. I am working on my CFI right, just finished my Instrument and Commercial. I did 20 hours of instrument in our Fly it Sim and 20 hours in the Robinson R44 saved a bunch of money. I learned all the basic approaches and holds in the Fly It (Flight Training Device) then I would go practice them in the 44. It was really nice to save the money and time.


The school I go to is Mountain Ridge Helicopters in Logan, UT http://www.MountainRidgeHeli.com


For the Flight Sim it is $135/hr and for the R44 it is $485/hr.

so with 20 Sim and 20 R44 and 30hrs ground I was around $13,750


I hope that helps PM if you have any other questions.



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I prefer the term "Least Expensive" .... "Cheapest" sounds like WalMart :)


If you are in the North East area I would check out East Coast Aero Club located at Hanscom Field in Bedford, MA




They have 2 - R44's and they're $369 / hr with Instructor.


I flew with them when I was traveling around trying out flight schools and I can tell you that the ships are impeccably maintained and the instructor I flew with IMO was very good.

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Don't fall into the trap of making decisions, especially with aircraft, based on the price. You should really check out an operation and make sure you are getting what you are paying for. I never minded paying a little extra for something if I know its done right. There are plenty of operations out there that will skimp on maintenance and pass along those "savings" to you. Your safety is worth more than what the lowest bidder is probably offering.

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I've also seen and have been in contact with some guys that have an instrument R22, or a 44 at pretty low rates for time builders! Either private owners or whatever.. think they are worth taking up on the offer and just making the trip with my CFII on hand?? Or theirs.. One guy had one he dealt with all the time, supposedly a great CFII

Cost Wise, Would be great! But i do see the concern of a low maintenance bird.. <_<

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