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CFI Add-On Knowledge Test

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Question was brought up in regards to the CFI add-on rating. A "short" FAA knowledge test is required, some 20 questions or so and FOI is not required as we understand it.


However, can anyone shine light on references (books) etc. in which to study for the "short" test? Sample test questions etc..


Thanks I'll pass it on.





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The questions are taken from the master list of questions. I used the ASA CD for the CFI. The program will ask you what test you are taking and give you questions that are on the list for that test. The FAA does add new questions on a regular basis to the tests so you might get a question or two that don't look familiar. I did the CFI-H and CFII-H add-ons and took about 5 minutes for each. Three to fill out all the required information and 2 to do the questions. The answers seemed to just leap out at me when shown.


Good luck

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