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Heli Success Las Vegas Job Seminar!!!


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The Heli Success! 2009 Seminar was OUTSTANDING!!!


I think that everyone that is starting off in this career should go at least once if not twice or more. The amount if information, experience and encouragement was out of this world and I had a great time getting some grip and grin time with the "Big wigs" of the industry and associating with fellow pilots.


Lyn, Thank you for taking the time to talk to me. I'm really glad that you remembered me after so many months flying with you from West Palm Beach to home. I learned alot from you then on those flights and I learned a lot from you on this seminar and your encouragement has renewed my drive!


Randy, Thanks for your encouragement and taking the time to talk to me about giving a well known person his checkride. I will check out the Chief Pilot of the NYPD when I get the opportunity.


Kodos, thanks so much for taking the time to look at our resumes. If I can help you in anyway now or in the future look me up. You worked real hard to help us all refine our resumes. Thanks again


A big Thank you to Jim Palmer, Chris Basset, Mike Johns (Yes I still have your cell phone number ha ha ha), Barry Lloyd, Hedi Ames, and Larry Karpman for all the incite and answers to all the questions I've been afraid to ask. Tom, It was great seeing you again! Thanks for all your help!



Mr. Jim Traynor, Mr Burkes and myself at the lobby of the Riviera


I don't remember everyone's name I met at the seminar, so thanks for saying hello, trading your knowlege with me, and I wish you all great luck in your endeavors. If you happen to bump into me in the sky or the ground don't be shy to say hello!

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