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IMC, this is how it happens folks!

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be sure and watch it to the end..



Hmmm... couple reasons why they were not the brightest... a: continued flight in IMC, without appropriate equipment/clearances... b: Posting the video on the internet... such that if FSDO sees it they'll probably get violated...

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I cannot believe there was laughing at the end of the video. If I was riding in the back seat and the pilot tried to lawn dart the aircraft into a mountain, I think instead of laughter there would have been the sound of the police and ambulance sirens once the aircraft landed.

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OMG !! That is the closest I have ever seen a group of people come to dying. A couple feet more and it would have been all over.


I would love to read the insurance report when he goes to get the wing fixed!

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Dennis, you always come up with the great ones ! I can't believe what I am watching.


I know they were close, like maybe 20 feet, but didn't realize they struck several bushes along the way. What stupidity!


You're in an airplane, whatever happened to climbing?? And to think there was another aircraft just few hundred feet away at the time?

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