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Government Clearances


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Hello all,


Are there any jobs out there for people with Secret/Top Secret credentials? What if they have a low number of hours? And where are these jobs found? More of a word of mouth?


I would think a company might take low a hour pilot who has a S/TS (maybe with SCI) because they cost 10k-100k+, your thoughts?




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You asked the question and here is just one answer from my last 24 years in federal law enforcement, and yes most of it flying. Your figure of 10k-100k is way off.


There are not alot of jobs in the flying world that require a security clearance. They are in the military, and then the federal law enforcement ones.


I suggest you keep an eye on the fedjobs site.


Now, I know the clearances are somewhat expensive for an agency to process but here is what we had to pay last year (OPM is in charge of them for non-military).


1st Full Field Background for Secret = $5,800.00

Re-Inspection (5yr) = $4,400.00


1st Full Field Background for Top Secret = $9,800.00

Re-Inspection (5yr) = $6,100.00


SCI add-on to a TS is $2,400.00 (due to the life-style polygraph)


So, yes it would save some money but an agency is more likely to hire the person without a clearance that has the hours, than sonebody with the clearance and lower hours.


To the agency I suspect (as we did) we would pay the fees and get the experience we wanted.


I know this is not what you wanted to hear but this hopefully will give you the other side's view.


Good Luck in your search,



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If you have some top notch life insurance you can always try Blackwater/Greystone/ whatever they're calling themselves this week.


Can't complain about the pay with them, though getting hired with low hours is a problem.

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