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Helicopter rating is now mine


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I am so excited....I passed my checkride in an R22 yesterday. I have flown gyroplanes that I have built since 1985. Nothing beats the simplicity, cost, maintenance, and ease of flying that a gyroplane provides. But....I am speaking to the choir here....if you want the new dimension of flying that only a helicopter can provide....then the extra complexities are accepted.


I am currently building a Helicycle and am anxiously awaiting my turbine shipment later this year. I will have it flying by the end of the winter.


I have a license to learn......and my 800 hours in gyroplanes dont mean much....I am a fledgling again and I KNOW it. I am 55 and this is the earliest in life I was able to accomplish what I have. Most here have scenarios that find you doing this 30 years younger.....and I applaud you! I dont envy anothers life....as I have enjoyed my slow progression to my ultimate goal of flying my own helicopters. I can assure you....I have had the most wonderful experiences flying all the gyroplanes I have built....the last being a two place SparrowHawk powered by a 2.5 Subaru. I flew it year round even in single digit temps....


However, I am more excited about starting over in this new dimension of powered rotor flight. I have my helicopter in the middle of a small woods...with a 200 foot square hole cut out of it. Now before the eyebrows snap up....I have a "chopper channel" cut out to the exterior of the woods...where I will transition safely in and out of my shop where I keep my helicopter. I did max performance takeoffs out of this 200 ft. square hole clearing 70 foot tall trees...during my R22 training. I will be only using the channel with my Helicycle.



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Congrats Stan, it's a whole new world for ya now. I knew you would not have any problems with that check ride.


I mean heck you even did it in not the perfect weather conditions.


now you can relax and get that sharp helicycle of yours Finished and be ready for the Mentone PRA fly-in next year.

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Congrats Stan!! And great job for sticking to your guns.. i know exactly how that feels to accomplish a goal after so long!!


I too plan to build a helicycle, and have a few friends that fly them and or are building them. Here is a link to some photos of one of them!!







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