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Logging sic


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Trying not to vomit all over yourself lol.


Yes, they are often referred to as vomit comets, puke buckets, and other less than desirable references. However, I did meet a gal once that went from 200 hours in a R22 straight to an Aircrane SIC job. She got lucky in that the pilot liked to teach, so she learned a ton, and got to fly most of the time.

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run the throttles, record the #'s, watch the guages --- pour the capt some coffee at fuel cycle :P



What he said... add Vomit occasionally.. and run radios.. do weight and balance int eh thousands of pounds and load calc for the fire boss.. organize hotel rooms (sometimes 9-14 rooms ) at the new fire and hope that you get to them before the other helicrews.. wonder and continue to wonder if your going to be picked up for command training at the end of the seasonal contract you signed and never log a PiC hour..


ITs fun to fly the Heavies!

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