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Silverhawk aviation acadamy

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I'm a private pilot student at Silverhawks, which is actually in Caldwell, Idaho. It is a good school. What sort of information do you want? Their website has a lot of great information.


They have many instructors, a good fleet of well maintained helicopters, nice places to fly, and a nice part 141 syllabus for flight and ground school. The school has a little bit of everything.


If you're in the area, you should go check them out. Meet Catherine, the owner, and different instructors there. I'd definitely recommend learning there.

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i just wrapped up PPL through CFII at silverhawk in september. total time was 1yr and 2wks. of course, the waiting list for an instructor job there is about 18 months at this point. i love it so much here in idaho that i'm more than willing to just pick up a "whatever" type of job in the meantime (though, i am still looking globally for a pilot job of course) while i wait it out. catherine is available at any time to discuss your program of training, and every instructor has their own office for one-on-one ground lessons. you're also welcome to jump from instructor to instructor to find one that fits your style best. that kind of forces them to be good at what they're doing, i suppose.


plenty of 22's and 44's available at any time of the week with a great staff of mechanics that don't cut any corners whatsoever. there are 3 or 4 computers also available with internet and prepware that has every single question on the various FAA written exams for study/practice. all books are available for purchase that you would need to study right in the office, along with charts, flight computers, logbooks, and every other tool.


scheduling flights is pretty simple, as long as you have the ability to plan a week or two in advance (it might be a squeeze to get a flight in within a day or two that you call, but i've seen it happen. you can fly as often as you like, and your progress is shared with each instructor so you can always find someone willing to take you out for a flight, and there won't be any missed information.


i had a really great time there, and i cannot wait (even though i have to) to get back and hopefully help someone else learn to fly.

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