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Anyone know anything about elite petro job


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Why would they want your passport number before your resume? I'd recommend you do not do it.


I've worked in Nigeria in the past (non heli job, it was abseiling off oil rigs!), some companies out there are good to work with, however, there are places out there where you are at a fairly high degree of personal risk. Depends really how desperate you are for the money - personally, I wouldn't go back there ever again.


Benin and Gabon are way better to work out of, much more civilised.

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Just looking at the jobs and have seen the job advertised with elite in Nigeria, has anyone ever heard of them, I applied and they want my passport no straight away!! I'm sceptical about anything coming out of Nigeria!!!


Any info greatly appreciated!!


Run Forest, Run !

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Elite has been used in various forms and forums to scam people out of their Identity and money. Elite is a real company, and they disavow on their website, any knowledge of the perps who do this. DO NOT REPLY TO THE AD.


Lyn, you would do well to remove the ad.


See the link to Elite and their comments about the scam.



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