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Sikorsky X2 300+ knots


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Browsing thru popular Mechanics and found an interesting article on a new heli that looks pretty impressive. Sikorsky is rolling out what appears to be one fast machine that could find it's way into many different applications. The X2 is the name and I have not been able to spend much time looking up info online but will try to update as soon as I find more info. Anyone who is familiar please feel free to comment.

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It's been in development for quite a few years now and has had a few test flights to date. Here's a video that goes into some of the details, straight from the chief test pilot himself.



Heli Expo 08' thread


Here are some pics I took of it at the unveil at Houston Heli Expo 08'. Nice ship. Kinda small though.


I don't think Sikorsky is planning to ever go into production with this actual X2 ship. You regularly hear them refer to it as X2 technology. This is hinting to the fact that when they finally figure out how to make the tech work, they'll be scaling up to a variety of sizes. They may never even just "scale up", but use what they learn in completely different designs.

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This is actually kind old news now. HAI Houston two years ago they showed off the first flying prototype. I agree that its not about this one ship, its about the technology applied to other ships. This one is just a learning path.


I'd love to park it in my hangar when they are thru with it !!



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