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So I got to thinking -- wouldn't it be an incredible career path to fly helicopters for the Federal Bureau of Intelligence? The FBI has plenty of rotary-wing pilots, but the big mystery to me is this: where does the FBI go to hire their pilots? Do they train/source from within the agency, do they hire civilian or ex-military, or do they receive all of their pilots from military transfers?


I think this would be an incredible career path to take, but in all my searching, I haven't found anything that even vaguely states the FBI's aviation unit.


Anyone have any thoughts/ideas/experience?

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First of the FBI is like most federal law enforcement but not all.


The FBI, Secret Service, ATFE and others all hire you a agents first. You will have to spend a certain amount of time working the street 1 to 5 years before going into the air side of things. Yes, they will train you but most of the time they do not have too because there are enough pilots waiting to go in.


The big exception is CBP which hires professional pilots and trains them to be law enforcement officers. There you start out in your air side right away out of the federal academy.


Yes, the career is great, at least it was for me, retired in 2006. The equipment was excellent and the associated aircraft traing was second to none. Travel was good as well as the pay and benefits.


Do a search and look in the Law Enforcement section for more details too.


Good luck!



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Before you go for that interview, whenever it happens, make sure to remember that the FBI stands for the Federal Bureau of 'Investigation' rather than 'Intelligence'...


6 of one and half a dozen of another, it's all an oxymoron anyway :D

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I know a Natl Guard pilot who has been in for 18 years and is also a civilian police officer and when i talked to him two weeks ago he had just received a job offer to fly for the FBI and of course he is taking it.


You may have misunderstood him.


As edspilot pointed out, FBI pilots are not hired off the street, they must serve as Special Agents for several years before they can apply for a flying position.


Also, the FBI is one of the few agencies that does not allow Special Agents to be members of the ready reserves. Your friend will have to completely leave the Guard (no ING, IRR, etc.) before he is hired. So close to his 20-year letter - he's giving up a nice little pension.

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