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Pilot Applicant appearance!

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To All, I read an interesting comment & explaination by a very seasoned pilot on an AOPA blog and thought that it was applicable to post here.


First, let me state that I was a "Hippie" in the 60's & early 70's, I am very liberal in accepting everyone as they are and start off by giving everyone a smile, handshake and respect. You move up or down within those elements as you deserve and demonstrate.


About pilot appearance,


{Companies that are in business to provide pilot and aircraft availability combined with a reputation for safety will respectfully decline to hire you if your appearance (dread locks, tatoos, piercings, t-shirt, etc) does not match their business image. They want someone that the paying customer will feel comfortable with. The application and your experience gets you the interview. Your interviewing skills and appearance gets you the job. Your professionalism, flying skills, maturity and personality when dealing with the customers, staff & management allows you to keep the job.}


You, we, I may not agree with this quote but I think it is applicable to business situations. There have been posts/comments on the Forums about peoples Facebook pages and such. There are so many mediums for commo these days that pilots are exposed from areas about their mentalities, attitudes and skills.


So, what is MY point. None really, just throwing out some sideline info for individual considerations. I respect everyones right to be who they are but employers may not hire YOU as you are.


Recent posts have discussed Resumes, Interviews, general short comings in training, etc.


I wish every pilot an entry level position to start a long and safe career in aviation or what ever you choose.


Be Safe, Mike

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I agree with you to a point. The applicant's attire needs to be appropriate for the job and company he/she is applying for. If an applicant for a CFI job showed up to the interview in a $1000 suit and gucci shoes, I would have reservations about hiring them. If applying for a corporate job or other job where you would meet the general public, then a suit is appropriate. Jobs like EMS, passenger charter, corporate, etc. Utility jobs slacks, a shirt and tie is more than enough. A few points though. The clothing must be clean and pressed. Shoes shined. No body order or heavy cologne or perfume. No heavy makeup. Nails clean and trimmed. Hair recently done.


Over the years, I have seen these things get more applicants than their attire. Mind your P's and Q's. Keep your eyes and ears open and your mouth shut. In many ways it is more important to that all the appropriate documents with you when you interview. I have seen guys show up for interviews as a fire fighting pilot, dressed in faded jeans, flannel shirt and badly scuffed work boots. But he had his current logbook, his drivers license, pilots certificate and medical, copies of his last 8410 and OAS card. Neatly groomed. Asked when he could start, he stated 'yesterday'. He was hired. Another applicant showed up for the same position, he was in a suit and tie, but didn't have his logbook or his last 8410. He was not hired.


The point I am making is that the attire needs to be appropriate for the job and the applicant needs to be neat and clean with all their documents.

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OK, just had to post this one. Thats my CFI / CP on the right, and me on the left. I never remember a single flight that wasnt in shorts. Since he was the CP he usually had a collared shirt, but always shorts and many times sandals.


Course this was back around 1988 or so, and we were flying R22 Alphas, so we all were a bit crazy. (34N was our brand new Beta ship at the time...wow!)



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I dressed like an airline pilot for my interview, I didn't get the job, but he did make a point to compliment me on my attire. He also complained that too many people would show up just wearing a t-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops. :o It was the East Coast in Summer, but still, come on,...its a job interview! :huh:

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Appearance is important, of course, but I think the most important thing is to look like you're someone who can be trusted. The company is going to have to trust you with an expensive machine and with its customers, over hopefully long time. If your appearance and demeanor indicate that you don't pay attention to details and may be erratic, you will have a hard time getting hired. Giving the impression that you can be trusted and pay attention to details can take various forms, like dressing appropriately, having the necessary items at hand, and not having obvious tattoos, piercings, etc on display. Everything is going to be taken into consideration, not just one.

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wow.... maybe.



see you at heli-expo this year Steve?


In case you're wondering, I posted that pix as an example of what NOT to look like!


Definitely I'll be at Heli-Expo. You couldn't keep me away.



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