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Army Flying

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I know it's been done before but I wanted to expand on some information.


Anyone care to comment on WO flight training? Also curious on pro's and con's of weekend warrior type flying.


I served in the USMC (as a grunt) and have all my ratings. I'm working at a great job but would still like to serve in the millitary again.



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"Weekend warriors" have the same miminums as active duty pilots. You will not be able to fly your minimums just doing one weekend a month, two weeks a year. The "type" of flying really isn't different. If you are an H-60 pilot, you have to complete interations of the same tasks as any other H-60 pilot in the guard, reserves or active duty. This of course depends on your unit's mission (air assault, medevac, etc...).


Also, you may do some additional missions as a Guard pilot. For instance, we also do fire fighting.

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