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New Forum for owners and fans of the Helicom Commuter and Safari Helicopters.

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HI ya'll,as some may know, I have been restoring a early single seat Helicom

Commuter H-1B helicopter.


In my searches for information I noticed that I could not find any forums for

owners or fans of the Commuter or any for the Safari that was open to the



That being said, I saw I could start my own yahoo group,so I figured what the

heck it is worth a shot. if it catches on great, if not well at least I gave it

a try.


I have never moderated a forum before so bear with me.


Anyway here is the link, so if you know any one interested in the older Helicom

Commuters and the Safari Helicopters. please pass on this link.


I have always loved these Helicom Helicopters and would love to see other owners

get active with there machines again. there are over 20 Helicom Commuters on the

FAA registry now, and several more on an old data base, so I know there are

probably even more sitting around as projects.


Hope to see this new Group grow some, all are invited that have an interest in

these Helicopters.


would be great to someday soon see a group of restored Commuters show up at

Homers Bell's Helicopter fly-in and some of the other P.R.A. and E.A.A. events


here is the link.




Thanks Tim.

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