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Helicycle update


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Hey all, last year i posted about a helicycle my friend Tim is building. We are currently negotiating on a couple for our team to build time in and i was at Tim's today learning what specifically to look for.. his is coming along and i thought i'd post more photos for those of you that are interested. He has polished and painted almost everything, and water-jet cut some of the basic parts to cut weight and add sparkle. I can't wait to see the finished product. He is also installing a "flat panel" which i have included some photos of..


more photos here:







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Looks real good. I met Bj S. the founder of the Helicycle when I was training in Caldwell, ID. Real nice guy and it was nice for him to demo the helicopter for us at the flight school. One of my CFI's was on a video flight with BJ the day he passed away. My CFI was headed back to the Caldwell airport when BJ got in the Helicycle and flew off. When my CFI landed he found out that BJ had gone down. Something about being in a single pilot ship, videotaping yourself at low level over a river. When he was found he was in 4ft of water. It was said he had been knocked unconscious from the impact with the water and he drowned. RIP BJ



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Rocky- The Helicycle is looking good....thanks for posting. I am building one and will be receiving my turbine in January. Here is a video clip of my Helicycle and hanger.






Stan Foster



Awesome bird Stan!!!!!!!!! And if your hangar is messing in that video then I'd hate to see it when you get really down and dirty while building.. lol

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