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Cheap Turbine Time Building - your opinion

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Hi all,


I have been offered to build turbine time on Jetranger. 100 hour blocks are available for EUR 380 per hour including fuel, insurance and tax. Apparently 10.000 hours on 8 Jetrangers, of which 4 are NVFR certified, will be available for this price and the helicopters can be flown anywhere in Europe with up to 3 passengers. That way I could share the cost with my passengers. The only drawback, I have to use up the hours within one month. The company seems very good and stabile.

Do you think this is a good deal? Anything I have to be carefull of?

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The company seems very good and stabile.

Do you think this is a good deal? Anything I have to be carefull of?


I am a good and stable person, please send me a check for $38,000.00 euro.


I suggest you be very careful giving anyone 55 grand (US) upfront. This is a mistake made by many, and regretted by some. Try hard not to be in that last group.


Curious why you have to fly so much in one month? 100 hours is a lot of flying for one person, and a lot of arrangements you have to make to get passengers along.


I can send you my mailing address if you need it.



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Thanks Goldy and Spike.

This company just bought 10 Jetrangers and are serious for what they offer. They also accept bank guarantees and than let you pay by the hour. I know some of their customers, they seem very happy.

Spike: I do not have a US licence, this is why I like to get the hours done in Europe. Also, I have no rating on 206 and they offer me the rating for no extra charge.

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Just out of interest - how long does a Turbine Transition take usually, hours wise?


Into something like an EC120B or Bell similar.


Tnx in adv.


Depends upon what type of transition you are lookin for.


Basic transition is 5 hours like in a B206 + some ground schooling if you haven't had previous training in turbine engines.


If you are wanting to do an insurance transition, that can vary from 10-15 hours + ground school + whatever more the insurance company request for "time in type". I have heard of an insurance company wanting 50-100 hrs in type before insuring. Much depends upon your experience and interaction with the underwriters.


If you are wanting the full transition course like from the Bell Factory etc.. 5 Days ground school + 5 hours in the helicopter, again depending upon your experience level in order to be proficient.


All boiled down is basically 5 hours and you will feel fairly comfortable. Turbine isn't any mystery. It is all about proper procedures in starting, running and shutdown. To keep you from trashing a $200K engine! Much more expensive than a $12K Lycoming.





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