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Is There a R-66 Availability Date Yet?


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has anyone heard about a date for the R-66 to be introduced to the public?


Last year at Heli Expo I would have put money out that the 66 would be certified by the 2010 Heli Expo. Now, I'm not so sure. I have heard nothing about the 66 in at least 3 months. The Robbie newsletter didnt mention it, and the website does not even acknowledge it.


Maybe Frank is afraid to release it if initial orders are weak? 3 Years ago he could have sold as many as he could make....today, I think it would be a much tougher sale...and an even tougher bank loan.



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I was just at TOA yesterday, I got to look at the 66 and one of my students is thanking about ordering 1. we are talking to them about ordering, they arent even taking orders untill it has its cert. frank is planning on taking it to HAI. I here cert may be done by JUNE! the 66 looks like a nicer 44 Hope it is. O and no price will be out until it is for sale. My guess is 206L range,

$650K-$775K Just a guess.

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Any friendly guesses on who the first customer will be?


I'll go with Helistream.



The year is already off to a bad enough start with 4 gone. :angry:

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has anyone heard about a date for the R-66 to be introduced to the public?

UK release date is October 2010


$650K-$775K Just a guess
I bet they will be closer to $1 million...

Looking at the build cost of the R66, it's difficult to see why it should cost any more than $650k - after all it's not a major change from the R44, and Frank said many times that he wasn't willing to pay more than $150k for the new engine (back when he was still considering diesel and turbine options). However, he'll be looking to recoup cert costs, and may also be adding a premium to fight any future litigation costs. At the end of the day, he'll charge what he thinks people are willing to pay.


A new 206L......more like $2 million

North of $2 mil for a green 2010 ship.

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