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Sevier County Choppers

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In 1974 I was stationed with VXE-6 Antarctic Development Sqdrn. That is where I fell in love with helos. Bell 212's - I got a few minutes of stick time in one and that did me in! I did maintenance and was a crewchief and aircrew on the 212 and at one time was MOS as Scout Observer on OH-58. I later went on to get my A&P. It was mannnny years later (after having worked on UH-1N, UH1H, UH-1M, UH-60L and Navy UH-60R Multi-mission Anti-Sub) that I got so bummed in watching them fly over without me on them anymore....I knew my Commercial rating and CFII more were on my bucket list.


One of my first concerns was about training with ANYONE was their handling of maintenance. I attended the factory school - mostly out of my own interest. Les Center is the A&P at SCC and I found him to be truly committed to excellent work. Not once did I worry about the Robbies after seeing his work! I did all of my training at Sevier County Choppers in Seveirville, TN. From 0 hours to commercial and instrument. CFII is next on my list. I hope to finish that this month. If you are considering a school or need to add a rating and want to ask some questions, feel free to contact me.

You can drop me a note here or call me 607-621-7482.


Jim and Dwight own and run SCC and just to let you know; no I don't rep for them, I trust them.


Jeff Freyre Owego,NY

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