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USMC to WOFT Questions need Answers

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Currently a SSgt in the Marines looking for an inter-service transfer to the Army WO Flight Training Program. There's a few things I'm curious about, as follows:


- My current flight pay differs from how the Army does it. They pay according to "Years in Aviation Service" not by Rank. Does my 7 years of prior Aviation Service as a Crew Chief and Aerial Gunner transfer over with me, or does the clock start over?


- I've done SERE school and Water Survival Training (With the Helo Dunker Egress) completed. Would those carry over, or need to be done again?


- What is the approximate timelines for WOCS and WO Basic schools respectively? I am a single father of three kids, so I need to coordinate who can watch the kids while I am training. As for Aviation Training, what are the locations for the Fixed and Rotary Wing Schools and their duration?

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Let's see if I can take a stab at this one. These are your answers as I know them. If I'm wrong, I'm sure someone will chime in.


- Your flight pay time would start over.


- SERE and Dunker will carry over (as long as it's SERE C)


- I'm pretty sure you'll have to go through the six week WOCS course but I'm not positive. As far as timelines for training, it completely depends on which aircraft you fly and (mainly) how long the holds are. I've currently been here for a little over a year (WOCS and flight school). I still have a good 9 months or so left.


Good luck and I hope that helped.



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I got out of the Corps in 99' after crewing on 53s for 5 yrs w/ exactly the same interest as you. I chose to go in the guard instead. All Army Aviators train in Fort Rucker, AL. Everything Blake said is correct. Also, u won't be the first single parent to go through the program. Just contact MWR or/& base housing for all your family/personal needs.


goodluck & semper fi

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Also, you mentioned inter service transfer. I'd like to know how this is going for you. I tried this approach a yr or so before my EAS and basically my Command did everything they could to prevent any transfer or any assistance. As an E-5 & the most senior non-Staff NCO & MAWST-1 crew chief instructor/ CDI my a**hole colonel told me, "I wasn't going nowhere." Basically, I had to wait to I got out to apply. Hopefully, u will have a different outcome.


Also, w/ 3 kids its going to be hell trying to take care of them at night & study. being a jar head, i'm sure u've heard of the perverbal "drinking from a fire hose" training approach. I would suggest asking a family member (maybe ur mother or sibling) to come live w/ you to assist w/ the kids or even hire a nannie if you can afford it.


another $.02

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I left the Marines in 2005 as a 130 loadmaster.

I got selected in June of 2009, and graduated WOCS in Oct. Here is the skinny, Switching to the army, from the marines I came strait to rucker, no interservice training or anything. as an E-5 or better in the Marines, you only have to go through a 4 week WOCS course. Your sere should transfer over, dunker will NOT transfer, no big deal its a morning and you have done it before. Your flight pay will start over it sucks I feel ya after 5 years it gets nice. Do what you can to get here, there are quite a few former Marines out here and we can help out.


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