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I would appreciate any advice with anyone who has experience using MSA Gallet helmets. I am currently using Gentex. I have no real issues with the helmet, just wanting something lighter and looking for more comfort. I guess my biggest question is the Gallet worth that much money? I don't mind paying for something that is going to last and is worth the money. Any information would be appreciated.



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Gallets are great helmets.


I have had one for several years now and have only had one problem: the buckle on the strap broke. I swapped the ends and ordered a new one for a spare.


My only regret is not ordering a hard visor cover when I bought it.


I have the CEP's installed and love it when I get the chance to use them. Spend a few dollars extra, and contact Tiger Performance and have custom fit earmolds made. They can also get you an adapter so that you can use the CEP's with your IPOD, or similar device. (This is nice when you have several acres to mow.)


It has been very comfortable even in some terrible Texas summers. When it gets really cold, it is a bit difficult to put on, but otherwise it has been worth every dime spent on it.

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I was issued a Gallett LH250 7 years ago, and the buckle and latch plate is all that's been replaced. Easily the most comfortable helmet I've ever worn, excellent noise suppression. My only unhappiness is that it's hard to put on when it's cold and stiff.

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I've been flying with a LH250 for the last 5 yrs and love it. I tried on all the different models at HeliExpo and that's the one that fit my head the best. My company provides SPH-5s, and I've flown with them a few times. Not nearly as comfortable, for me at least.


You need to try on the different models and make your own decision though. Helmet are like underwear though--no way to know if they'll fit comfortably until you try them on. :(


Just make sure you get the dual visor, NVG ready visor cover, & hush kit at minimum.


Keep an eye out on JH and eBay.......there's been 2-3 decked out ones for sale cheap in the last year.

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I own a Gallet LH250 and I love it! The most I´ve flown in one day with it is 10,5 hrs and I didn´t notice the helmet. It´s so light and fits my head perfectly. I would reccomend getting a new helmet fitted by someone who knows what they are doing. I bought mine from Rob at Merit Apparel in Vero Beach, FL, highly reccomended. I agree with delorean, get the hush kit and zeta-liner for comfort. With only the basic/original earcups and pads I belive the Gallet will be less comfortable to wear, and not have the sound suppression that you´d like.


I´ve tried on the Alpha Eagle a couple of times, on the ground only, but it´s nowhere near as comfortable as the Gallet. The Gallet just feels really snug on the head without any hotspots, and as I mentioned it can be worn hour after hour while you´re forgetting you´re wearing it.

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