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In Need of A Spanish Speaking Instructor in the Los Angeles Area


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I'm a CFII with a student from Mexico that need's of some help. The student is at around 20 hours of flight time and all ground has been completed. I am in need of an instructor that can help me get this student to a private check ride by the end of the month or middle of next month.


His conversational English is getting better and his flight skills are where they should be. My concern is that he may be learning how to do everything properly, but doesn't understand why or how we do it or even the dangers. I want to make sure that his core skills are solid for the check ride and his knowledge is ready for the real world.


Please speak fluent Spanish. Endorsed to instruct in the Robinson R22 with more than 200 hours in helicopters. Be able to fly with an 180lbs passenger. Instruction needs to be at our location with our aircraft. The student does not have transportation. Pay will be discussed but is above average for instructor wages. Ground and Flight are equally paid. If possible you will fly with the student 3 times a week [Monday - Friday preferably] until he is ready for the check ride. Student is available from 8am - noon or after 4pm.


Any questions please feel free to pm me or call me (310) 748-9513.


Thank you to whomever can help me out!


Best Regards,



Airport Location: Whiteman Airport (WHP) in Pacoima, Ca [near Burbank and Van Nuys]

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Speaking english is required under part 61 and that's what the dpe will expect from your student.

What does it do if you find a spanish speaking cfii if your student can't explained it in english ?


I really like how much you try to help your student. Besides, I am from Germany and my english was horrible when I had my PVT checkride in 2006 and I passed. Your student will be just fine.



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When I read this I took it to mean that because he was taught in English the CFI is not certain that he understands the concepts behind the procedures. I think he wants to make sure his student understands everything and is unable to confirm this on his own due to the language barrier. As you said yourself the speaks and understands English requirement is not that big of a deal.

Just my take on reading this.


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I agree with you guys wholeheartedly that he needs to be able to read, write, speak and understand English. He can read a news article and explain it to me fine. He can speak clearly and understand about 80% of what I say, which is really good for just learning English less than a year ago. But Falko was correct in his assumption, the words are there in his mind and the knowledge is there as well. It's putting English words to the Spanish words in his mind that is becoming the problem. Imagine learning aerodynamics in french, you understand the concepts but don't know the proper verbiage in french. For example he explained Bernoulli's Principle to me but with Spanish terms and I had to give him the English translations.


Also in the aircraft he is able to understand what I'm asking of him but I am not sure he understands why we need to do them or fully understands how. I'm sure that is just part of his learning process. I'm just making sure that he learns properly first and not have to fix bad habbits later, you know primacy. I guess I just want to make sure he is a safe pilot with a good core foundation of skills and sometimes that can't be done in a second language. Call it whatever you want but I don't want to find his name in the obituaries later in life because of something I could have done to teach him now.

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Cubby- Sorry I dont know of any bi-lingual CFI's in that area, but I know one commercial pilot with lots of 44 time that is bi-lingual. He lives 5 minutes from WHP..If you can't find a CFI at least he could talk and ask questions of someone in Spanish that could explain things, or translate questions, etc..


Good luck,



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