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Robinson R66 photos..


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Hey all, i spent the day at the Robbie Factory yesterday, thought you might like to see some photos. Last year i was at the Factory the day before the 66 was unveiled to the public and posted some photos and videos on my photobucket account then, you can check them out as well.




(albums are on the left, just scroll down to the Robbie stuff)


In one of the albums i placed R44s and one of the R66s next to each other in different profiles.. it's a pretty good comparison. I really like this ship.. can't wait to have a few of them!!




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I believe the 66 is a bit wider than a 44. I think they are incorporating 3 'places' in the rear and from what i have seen they have a cargo area in the rear where the scroll fan resides on the 44. Speaking from a student-soon to be instructor, point of view, the 66 is exciting! I really hope i get to fly and possibly teach in one!

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Hey DP,



Those were some great pictures! Hope all is going well in the great State of the Rocky mountains. I will be heading up there next month. I would love to stop and see all of the guy's if you all have the time.






Hey CT,


Things are going well, too busy to keep up tho and i personally don't get to fly enough! :-(


Please do stop by, we will always take the time!


The R66 is about eight inches wider and the mast is taller too, about the same (it's been a year or so since i did a write up on the ship, not much has changed that i can talk about and i'm not totally sure about those numbers but they are close). Also the windows are different to give it a sleeker look and i like that..


The cargo is actually directly behind the rear seats as you can see in the photo, and it's pretty good size, you will be surprised when you open the door and look in..


They did say it was faster than the R44 and there will be one at the Expo and some new information released! Mr. Robinson did tell me, at least at our altitude, one wouldn't be able to fill all five seats and the fuel bags and fly the R66. We expected that however and deal with that sort of stuff daily.



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