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Degree programs/ commerical flight programs

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To all.

I am frustrated in my research to find guidelines and schools that would make commercial flight school a reality, under the new G.I. Bill


I am aware of the Old G.I Bill, but I am hearing that if I combine Helicopter Flight school with a degree program, it could cover the cost 100%

Also if the academic portion is Distance, or online, you would not receive the BAH housing allowance. This makes it difficult when you have a family and Mortgage.


Any guidance or experience would be greatly appreciated.

Deployed 43 months since 9/11 I am eligible for 100% New G.I. Bill

I have the Fever and must chase the helicopter dream.

Currently I am working on my PPL and LOVE it. (Enstrom 280FX)


Thank you in advance,


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There a few schools in the nation that offer a degree program that requires actual flight time, and I am going to be using my Post 9/11 benefits at Yavapai College in Prescott AZ. The program is an Associate of Applied Science: Professional Helicopter Pilot degree. Upon completion of the degree you will have your Private Certificate, Instrument Rating, Commercial certificate, CFI, and CFII. Under the current program though you must be able to meet the weight restriction of 200 lbs in order to fly in the R-22 for the VA to cover the programs cost of tuition and flight fees.


I also work in the student services department at Guidance Helicopters which is contracted to do the flight and ground training for the degree program, and would be more than happy to talk to you about your benefits and options to get the VA to cover your flight training.


Give me a call 1-877-2FLYGHI



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I'm doing the same thing in Bend, OR with Leading Edge Aviation and Central Oregon Community College. Used the Ch33 benefits for my private...covered 100%. Working on commercial now which also is covered completely.


So long as the flight training is required for the degree at a college and the college has been approved by the VA for the Ch33 benefits then you're covered. Its a great deal. Where are you located...I know of a few schools in the country that are doing this.


Oh, yeah..they won't give you the BAH if you take all online classes.


Let me know if you have any questions.

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To all,

Thanks for taking the time to reply. Any information is useful.

Yes, I know of a few programs out there, but none out East here. I am in Delaware.

I realize I cant have everything on a Silver platter and the thought of relocating would be difficult with the Family.

The new G.I Bill is a great opportunity and only if they paid for the housing for online courses, It would make a great opportunity for students and Flight Schools that could affiliate with College programs.

Thanks for all the advice, and may all your Auto Rotations be smooth.

Keep that good advice coming!

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I grew up in Newark Delaware. Not often you hear someday say there from Delaware. What part?


Anyways. I am now a CFI in San Diego. I used my chapter 30 benefits to get my ratings back before anybody knew about the Chapter 33 thing. I am setting up a program out here with a local college, but sense you sound like you want to stay back East the only college I know of is Northeast Helicopters in Ellington CT they are associated with Naugatuck Community College. Palm Beach Helicopters also has a program.


Either way good luck in finding the right school. Chapter 33 is too good of a opportunity to miss. It might even be worth it to rent your house out and move.


Don't forget to check the individual states Max. Fees and Tuition they can very significantly from state to state.

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