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Civlian WOFT app questions

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I'm sure these topics get old but I'm another civilian WOFT applicant with a few questions.


Just some background:


23 years old

BS in Aeronautical sci. from the State Univ. of NY (3.2 gpa)

Commercial single and multi engine fixed wing


1700 hours


qualifying ASVAB score (cant remember it exactly off the top of my head)

Currently in the process of getting my PFT and flight physical set up


I wrote my letter on why I want to be an army aviator, and now am working on rounding up some LORs which is what my question is in regards to


I don't know many people high up in the military so I feel the people I am going to request an LOR from aren't the best.


I have the following in mind:

Cheif Pilot (my boss) at my place of employment

colleague who served in nam (enlisted)

one of my students who was active duty navy (enlisted)

One of my college aviation professor's


I need to find 2 more, but in the mean time I was wondering if they would suffice?


Also, what is the protocol of requesting an LOR for the military? Should I just make verbal requests, or should I type up some sort of memo explaining my goals?


Also, I'm told for civilian applicants there is no standard format they need to use, correct?


I appreciate any help You guys can give me

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