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Anyone heard of Prestige Helicopters?

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I do not know any particluars on the school.


What I do know is the owner Mike Russell.


I was lucky enough to spend a week with him at the Robinson Factory Course, (my first time there, his who knows how many times there) back in January 2009.


Mike may be the # 1 seller of Robinson or use to be. He is very approachable and knowledgable on the product. He seems to me to be a stickler for details.


In my several conversations over the week he never tried to sell me anything but would always answer questions from me and many other students.


I only say this to give you a little background as to the person as a business person. I would suggest you make sure to get to meet him if he is there when you go for a visit.


If he is involved (owns the company) then the people he has working for him should be very good or he will not put up with them.


Just one opinion, go, visit, and ask a lot of questions. That should give you a good read for your decision.


Good luck,



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I definitely want a school who is extremely enthusiastic about what they do. I want to enjoy my training rather than dread it. Half the fun is the learning experience!


Thanks for the information. I'll plan on making a visit within the next few days to ask questions.

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