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Hey all,


I remember seeing a video some time back that showed a Huey with a long line coming in to hook up to a bunch of barrels. As the cargo gets hooked, the rotor starts pulling air, and then fog forms underneath and envelopes the area in fog.


I tried Youtube without luck.


Might any of ya'll know where I might find this vid?



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Oh, I've been busy getting laid off-company went bankrupt. As such, I went back to school-airplane school.


I figured it might be good to get airplane ratings also. Instrument stuff is kinda fun...NOT! I have a hard time bracketing DME arcs. I can't wait for virtual skyways. I think I can fly through boxes rather easily.


I haven't flown the Robbie for so long that I'm way out of currency. Don't worry, I'll get back in the whirlybird later this year. Ratings come first.


Later all

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I believe they are the same thing as the vapor trails you would see on airplane wingtips.


More thorough answer.




Quickly from http://www.crystalinks.com/contrails.html

The wings of an airplane cause a drop in air pressure in the vicinity of the wing. This brings with it a drop in temperature, which can cause water to condense out of the air and form a contrail but only at higher altitudes. At lower altitudes, this phenomenon is also known as "ectoplasm." Ectoplasm is more commonly seen during high energy manoeuvers like those of a fighter jet, or on jet liners during takeoff and landing, at areas of very low pressure, including over the wings, and often around turbo-fan intakes on takeoff.

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