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Does this guy instruct anywhere?

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Now, that would be fun to take a few lessons with him/her. :D



Ahh, Chuck Aaron. A very cool approachable guy! His hangar is about 200 feet east of the 44 I fly, most everyone at the airfield knows him. I don't think he instructs but I guess I can ask him next time I see him. You can't miss that long blonde hair as he cruises down the taxiway in a 5.0!


I invited him for a ride in the 44 once, half jokingly. He was going over to fire up the 105 to get ready for Vertical Challenge so he said he didnt have the time. But the guy is so nice you believe he actually wants to go flying with you!


I think most helo pilots dream is to just fly with the guy for an hour!



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