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What's the difference between Helicopter and Airplane?


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The best place to get information on the helicopter side of it would be to go www.runryder.com. This is a r/c helicopter website but most of the pilots there are dual rated. I fly the r/c helicopters but not the planes. I have heard the planes are much easier to fly when just learning. I would also recommend getting the Realflight G5 simulator to start trainging on. This will get you about 95% ready to fly airplanes, gliders, or helicopters. It is also a lot cheaper on the pocket book. If you buy a 30-50 glow fuel size helicopter it will run you close to $1500-$2000.00 to get started. All that includes the flightbox equipment, the helicopter, electronics and servos, and radio. The fuel is close to $26-$28.00 per gallon. Most flights last 12-15 minutes. Now there is electrics you can buy but the batteries and charginf equipment can set you back quite a bit. I have seen one helicopter that comes with controller, wall charger, and helicopter for like $500.00. I hear it is a good kit. Anyway just go to the above website and go to the beginners section and ask all the questions you want. Also you could buy a turbine r/c helicopter but most of those start at just $1500-$3000 just for the turbine. To buy the helicopter kit, fuselage (MD500) 5 bladed rotor head and the turbine can easily set you back $10-$12,000.00 Good luck



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I had a Blade CP. Put all kinds of cash into it with upgraded blades, battery and motors and such. Not for indoors. 3D flight. Spent more time repairing it than flying it. But, that was half the fun.


Runryder.com and rcuniverse.com are great places to get info.


If you are looking for a beginner kit definitely get one that has a coaxial counter rotating head system. Otherwise it will be all crash and no play.

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I have one HK-450 heli ready to go, just needs a reciever and a battery. It has a brushless electric motor, servos, etc... I also have another HK kit that is 95% complete, I used some parts out of it to fix the ready to fly one. Both are in good shape and unpainted canopies. I'll take $180 for both, plus all the tools you need to work on one(still new in box).

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Both use the same principle to fly. Lift overcomes drag. An airplane is a fixed-wing craft and in order to achieve lift, the entire aircraft has to move forward at sufficient speed to force enough air past the wings for the airfoil to generate lift. A helicopter is a rotary-blade aircraft and the airfoil effect is created by a series of blades rotating around a central shaft. Because the entire aircraft does not need to be moving forward to create lift, a helicopter can takeoff and land vertically and can hover in a stationary position.

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