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R22 purchase


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Hello all,

I just found out about an R22 beta with 1000 hrs til 2nd overhaul going for 60k. I'm seriously considering buying it to finish up schooling. I plan on putting 100-120 hours on it. Working on some number crunching to see if it'll be worth while. First of all, is this the great deal I imagine it to be? Where would be a good place to get some insurance quote? What does an annual typically run? Thanks to anyone who takes the time to answer my questions.

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sounds to good to be true, so maybe it isn't.

Does it become close to the 12 yr overhaul?


I would be very careful and have the heli and it's logbooks checked by a mechanic with a lot of R22 experience.


I know that the prices are way down, but the market is to small that you usually find real bargains. If somebody sells under price he has a reason for that. Maybe he's just desperate for the cash but maybe not ...


Fly safe



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Let me guess, the 22 is in Wisconsin. Welcome to the club.

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