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New FAA FAAST Training

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Many student pilots have no idea all of the free resources available to help them in their training.....


Here's a new one.

New On-line Helicopter Courses!

Notice Number: NOTC2151

Tools For Helping Helicopter Pilots Don’t completely understand Control Functions, Systems, Performance, or Weight & Balance? Are you a new helicopter pilot searching for answers or an experienced helicopter pilot wanting to “brush up?” Check out the FAA Safety Team’s online Aviation Learning Center for three new instructional courses you can take for free.

The FAA, with the support of service provider Avi Weiss, has developed Helicopter - General and Flight Aerodynamics, Helicopter - Controls, Systems, and Limitations, and Helicopter - Weight & Balance, Performance.

Go to the Online Courses section of the Aviation Learning Center http://www.faasafety.gov/gslac/ALC/default.aspx to find the courses.

Check it out, and then check back often for new courses, documents and links!

Comments or questions on these three new courses can be directed to:

Robert Thorson, FPM

Course Manager, AEA 204

201-556-6600 ext 242 or robert.thorson@faa.gov

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You beat me to it. I was just posting this on JH and was on my way over here to do the same.


Those who don't know. FAASTeam is the FAA Safety Team. The goal is to reduce accidents by promoting continuing education.


There has been in the past a lot of feed back for the need of helicopter specific courses. The FAA and FAASTeam has been working on that and as Goldy pointed out there are 3 new courses now for helicopter pilots.


In order to take these you'll need to be a member of the FAASTeam. It is easy to register. There is tons of good info on the www.FAASafety.gov site. You can then go into the "Learning Center" and find the programs.


If you are a CFI I encourage you to share the www.FAASafety.gov site with your students and discuss the Wings Program. It is a great way to refresh on subject areas, find ACs and tons of other safety related information.



FAASTeam Representitive

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Yep. Just saw these in my inbox. For those of you who want to know a bit more about the WINGS program, here's an intro to it that I wrote a while back. It's a good program for any of you CFIs waiting for the economy to start working again.


The easiest way to find these courses is to go to:

Learning Center > Advanced Resource Search


Then search for them by name:


Helicopter - Controls, Systems, and Limitations

Helicopter - Weight & Balance, Performance

Helicopter - General and Flight Aerodynamics

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