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Hi Buddies,

I just had to inplant on here this wonderfull HH-65 Dauphin from

the USCG that as been reproduce into a scale replica electric powerplant flying machine.


Dennis is a master builder and flyer when it comes to replicate one of his prefert helo ...

As you know me by now, and as a SA-315B LAMA SAR CCG helicopter owner and

commander pilot I had to share my buddy other country Coast Guard unit with you all ...



Notice that Dennis as done a full working office with all avionic's pure scale replica

and as created so realistic that it is scary ...


So for those of you that will never be a fully scale helicopter pilot

for any reason, now you can see with that flying machine that you can

after all be flying the real fully scale helo in a smaller view in your life ...


NOTICE: Radio control electric powerplant Fully scale helicopters replica that you will be replica into scale and with the right specification will fly like the real fully scale helicopter you'll choose to do ... I can confirm that as at time I fly the fully life scale helicopters as guess pilot ...


The link to the HH-65 USCG Dauphin owner and pilot ...

Visit My Website




on TARMAC befort going into SAR mission GO :




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Very nice. A great job on the build and details. You should share this stuff with the scale guys on www.runryder.com in the scale section part way down the page. Thanks for sharing it here too.



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