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Schweizer rotor grip bearings


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I was really looking forward to doing some training this weekend but when I called my CFI to schedule he said we might be grounded. Apparently the rotor grip bearings need replaced on his 269a but he is having trouble getting them from the factory. He says that Schweizer's supplier had a few bad batches and there are none available from them. He may have a source in Ft. Worth but does not know if he will have them in time.

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he should look around... many companies have grips, complete serviceable assemblies ready to go for less than the bearings new... and alot less hassle. I see the bearings advertised also...but I wouldn't doubt if schweizer doesn't have any... that's the last place I look.

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Well he found new grips this past week and got them installed, but is having some tracking problems. No flying this weekend either, that's three weeks in a row. I am starting to have withdraw symptoms I think.

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