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Best time to put in packet?

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I've began taking the steps necessary to put in a packet for WOFT, but I don't know how likely it is for me to be accepted at this point. I have a 138 GT and am confident that I will score 140+ on my AFAST when I take it. However, I am only an E-2 in AIT (15T in Ft. Eustis) right now.


I know that there is no minimum rank for WOFT, but I don't have much of a resume at the moment. I have no WOs to get LORs from. At best, I could get some from a few E-6s and E-7s, but I don't know if that will help at all, since they are not aviators, just platoon sergeants.


Is it going to be worth the effort to put in a packet now, or am I better off waiting until I have more of a resume to submit?

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I'm actually a little confused. I planned to give you a definitive answer regarding the letters of recommendation. I looked it up on the USAREC website and it is a little ambiguous. The 153A page has changed but the FAQ's reference the same thing and from the FAQ's, it appears that it is the same as when I applied. Here is an excerpt from the page describing 153A:


It is recommended, but not required, that applicants have a letter of recommendation from an Army Aviator in the rank of CW3 to CW5 or Major and above. If the unit commander or above is a field grade aviator, the aviator interview may be part of the commander's endorsement. In this case, the commander's endorsement must contain the same statement required for the aviator interview. Use a memorandum format and start with the statement I have interviewed (your name) and find (he/she) has the needed personal characteristics, motivation, physical stamina, and qualifications to be appointed a U.S. Army Reserve warrant officer and appears acceptable for selection into the WOFT program as a warrant officer candidate. Applicants from other military services may be interviewed by a field grade aviator from their branch of service if an Army aviator is not readily available. Army aviators will conduct the interviews whenever possible.


Here is the question in the FAQ's:

8. Q: What is the standard on Letters of Recommendation?


A: A maximum of three letters of recommendation will be accepted and they must be less than 12 months old. You require one from your first level of UCMJ (Company Commander), one from your Field Grade UCMJ authority (Battalion Commander) and one from a senior warrant officer (SWO) in your chosen career specialty. The letter from the SWO is not required for all WOMOSs (see WOMOS prerequisites) but is STRONGLY recommended. For flight applications you may substitute a letter from a MAJ or higher (Aviation Branch on flight status) for the SWO. The Cdr and Bn Cdr letters must be from your current chain of command unless you have been assigned less than 90 days. In this instance, you may obtain letters from your previous chain-of-command, but you must make note of this by attaching a note or memo to the letters. The letters should be specific and quantifiable. Do not use a form letter with generic and flowery sentences. General Officer letters of recommendation will not be reviewed by the selection board unless that Officer is in your direct chain of command or when the letter is used as the Senior Aviator letter of recommendation.


I also seem to remember that you have to have graduated AIT in order to submit a packet but I can't find anything to back that up.


As far as when to submit your packet, well, that's up to you. My opinion is that you should submit it as soon as you are able. If you're not selected, use the time that is required to wait to improve your packet and submit it again as soon as you are able. Repeat until you are selected. If you don't submit a packet, you definitely will not get accepted. Check out the USAREC website. There is a lot of really good information on there and you should probably try to read all of it. HERE IS THE LINK.


That said, you do need good letters of recommendation. I would consider waiting until you're at your unit for at least a few months so that your command can get to know you a little and write good letters. I would then submit it as soon as you can get a good packet together.


Good luck.



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Put in your packet ASAP, and update it whenever you have something worth updating. The LOR's, since you are now in the military, you will need to get, but luckily since you are a 15T (should have picked 15U, i'm just sayin') you will atleast see pilots running around. Watch them, find out who is the most approachable CW3 or higher, and when you get the balls up, go talk to him/her. Keep in mind, he will probably go talk to your first line leader and your Platoon Sergeant. So, be on time, be in the right uniform, keep your nose clean, and always ask what else you can do.




My 2 cents.


Oh, and damn!!! Computer access in AIT.... what the hell?!




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