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Advice on Networking


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I need some guidance with regards to networking. I stay near an airfield that caters for a number of helicopter operations: EMS, Instruction, ENG, Law Enforcement etc. I want to find out some information from these various operations, but I am hesitant. The reason being is that all of the above operate within proximity of each other. I don’t want to irritate them by going from one hanger to the other. I mean I don’t mind at all (I am extremely persistent), but I don’t want them to perceive me as an airhead who has no idea of what I want to do in the industry (first asking questions at EMS and then LE). I mean at this point all aspects of the industry interest me, but Tours and EMS interest me most.

Any advice??

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Just take your time, see them all but not necessarily on the same day. Explain that you are looking to get into the industry. MOST helicopter pilots won't even think twice about talking to you. (remember that they were once where you are now). If you find one of the bitter ones or someone who tries to discourage you, just move on to the next guy. Remember you are making friends and getting information NOT looking for a job yet. Keep that in mind and you'll be in good shape.


Good Luck

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Keep in mind that those are work places. My experience is that they're less structured and restrictive than the typical office, but there's often stuff going on that isn't obvious to an outsider. An EMS station is also where we live 'on the job'.

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