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Helicopter Flight School

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Find a nice Place to Fly!!!


Greek- The US is the best place to learn to fly, hands down. It's just too expensive and too difficult to fly in Europe...sorry, but its true. I just talked about this with a friend while flying Saturday over Malibu.


We took off without a flight plan, no permit fees, no take off fees, we then flew thru a military airspace, even chatted with the military controller about the weather and an upcoming airshow the whole way, flew over the coast, came back and landed. No landing fees, no flight plan fees, no nothing!


It's a freedom that we enjoy in the US, but we do not appreciate it, as it has always been that way. Where I fly always has 4 or 5 students in from Europe. Greece, Germany and Italy, occasionally a Russian. They all come here because of the expense of flying in Europe.


Good luck,



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