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269 for sale

Guest pokey

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A friend of mine called and talked to the owner. It needs one main blade and one tailrotor blade, plus an additional $10,000.00 in some extras to make it airworthy on top of the $39,500.00 asking price. You might get it up and running for around $70-$75,000.00 not taking into account you need to still pay someone to put it together if your not an A&P. Not too bad of a deal I think.

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Guest pokey
Thats not a bad price. If you had to estimate, what do you think it'd cost to put back together? I should really get my A&P.


I can ususlly do a 1200 hr inspection & the maintenance invloved in about 80 hours. Then you may have track & balance work on the M/R. T/R requires balance too. My "usual" shop rates are: $72.50 / hr., standard $150 Chadwick flat fee (plus the 72.50 hr.while flying/balancing). $200 flat T/R balance fee.


If it needs a blade? NOT good ! Harder & harder to find used blades these days & unless it has the newer style blades, a new one is out of the question ( new is about 18 thousand for ONE anyhow)


Depending on some of the times remaining, ie: transmissions, gears, bearings, shafts,,,,, it is really hard to put a number on what this ship could be worth. If anyone is interested i will look into it further.

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haha... the one in DE...that is the 3rd time Ive seen that helicopter for sale in the past 2 years...

was at an a&p school since military... all parts are timed out.. it keeps selling for ridiculously higher and higher prices.... so many people are sold on what "looks" like a decent helicopter.. "you just need 2 put it together" WRONG


the one in ND has a tail rotor blade that failed x-ray.. the other tail blade has a ding in it, the tailboom is scrap (hangar rash) the horizontal stab is damaged, old style transmission carrier, one bad window, old style main blades, hasn't run in 10 YEARS!! the list goes on.


sure, someone could get it running for under 50g not including labor, the question is why not buy one flying for that price?

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