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Ch. 33 might cover flight training

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so I just ran across this and thought I should post it


H.R. 3813, Veterans Training Act, would deem a program of education as an approved program for purposes of the Post-9/11 Veterans' Educational Assistance Program if the program is offered by an institution offering:


•postsecondary instruction that leads to an associate or higher degree and the institution is an approved institution of higher learning; or

•instruction that does not lead to an associate or higher degree and the institution is an approved educational institution.

The American Legion has sought to amend Chapter 33, title 38, USC, to include apprenticeship programs, flight training, correspondence schools, vocational schools and on-the-job training programs being completed at any educational institute. The American Legion has recommended that Chapter 33 needed to be modified to include non-college degree programs. Veterans choosing to use their educational benefits at other than Institutions of Higher Learning (IHL) that are currently covered by Chapter 30 should be allowed to attend their choice of education and receive the same benefits that Chapter 33 recipients are entitled.


Currently, veterans who are using their Chapter 30 benefits are denied the housing and books stipend. These programs were not included in the original language for the Post-9/11 GI Bill. H.R. 3813 seeks to ensure that all veterans who choose to use their education benefits are treated fairly, no matter what course of education they are undergoing. The American Legion strongly supports H.R. 3813 and believes this bill will grant all eligible veterans the right to choose their own education path.


I found it here



You can follow H.R. 3813 here



update 4/23: I found a new bill, it S. 3171 and was introduced last month and it is basically the same thing as h.r. 3813, apparently congress is having a hard time wrapping their minds around the text of h.r. 3813 but the good news is someone I know from a veterans advocate group contacted the head of IAVA and he is re writing the H.R. 3813 so it is in plain english and he said its going to be worded so it passes sooner, how soon is sooner i dont know but at least there are now two bills for us vets.


The full text for s. 3171 here



You can track s. 3171 here


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What does this mean in layman's terms? I thought training was already covered one hundred percent, using Ch. 33 benefits

It only covers flight training if it is part of a degree at an actual college or university. This is saying that they want to have it cover any way that veterans choose to get their education.

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