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Cultural exchange opportunity involving helicopters!

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Do you love flying, particulary helicopters? Want to also travel the world from the comfort of your own home? Consider hosting Sunniva, fluent high school student from Norway who is hoping to come to the US in September for the school year as a cultural ambassador promoting international exchange and goodwill.


I would love to find a family that loves flying as she has always wanted to be a helicopter pilot and still does intend to persue that profession- she also loves basketball and scrabooking so please consider this wonderful opportunity - you will find it will be one of the BEST experiences you can ever have- I know, I host two students each year.


Students come with their own insurance and adaquate spending money. Families in exchange provide room and board as part of the goodwill exchange regulations set out by the Department of State. We are looking now for a host family for her so she can fullfill her dream of spending the school year in America.


Please share this information around in your community and contact me for more information. We are a non-profit and only looking for volunteers. If you have suggestions where I could share this information, that would also be appriciated as I am NOT as salesperson and any assistance is appriciated.


Kind Regards,




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