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I am unclear as to what you are asking.


Are needing information on:


* Pricing?

* FAA requirements?

* Drug testing stuff?

* Looking for a lease, buy?

* maintainence stuff?

* help with the proposal?


I am sure many here will have info, please just clarify.


Sorry, just trying to get the info you want/need.



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Thanks Ed,

I have a request to put in some numbers and operations info for rides and tours, they also asked about some connecting flights to another location.


Option 1: I can lease an aircraft straight from a leasing agent. Option 2: Someone has a 44 and isn't flying the hours needed to make it work out well for them. Instead of them not doing enough with it at their own local, maybe they would want to put it to use with me. So, as I see it - someone in the situation of having an aircraft that is eating them up in terms of payments etc can (instead of continuing to lose money) or giving up their helicopter may want to make it available in this way. I realize this would also be more than a one-man thing and so I can see them taking the option of also coming with their ship. I talked with a guy not long ago that has a 300cbi. He told me he sent it out to another state because he just wasn't doing enough with it. That was my overall idea - someone has a -44, needs it to fly more and together, we try to get much more revenue flight out of it.


Could be a win-win-win. They get help in keeping their helicopter, the aircraft owner and I get to put it to work and the 3rd party gets to have the added feature of rides and tours.



I hope that boils it down more. If it helps - I am A&P and went to Robinson maintenance as well.



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You also bring up some good points about the peripherals. I have some contacts but am CERTAINLY interested to hear from you and since this is my first foray into this you can imagine there are a lot of loose ends. For others reading this - I'm sorry to say I am not looking for a pilot; with one exception and that would be if an owner wants to do this and has the flexibility to come with his aircraft or send one of his pilots with it. I do see this as taking two pilots of course However, I will fly what I can also.


Jeff 607 621 7482

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Well you need to read FAR 119, Hop rides with in 25 miles of your location would work with out a Part 135 certificate. Now picking up people and dropping off at another location well that could mean something else. Getting a 135 certificate is a long expensive process. I am not saying that you need one, I just noticed in your post about some point to point transport. You are going to need to talk to the Local FSDO. In the old days it was not much of a problem, now you need to at the very least have or be on a drug testing program. As for where to find an R-44 beats me, now If you were talking about a Bell 206 B 3 or an L I could help there, never flown a 44 and just enough R-22 time to get the sign off. Its spring, so you have a lot of work to get things up and running by memorial day. The traditional Flying Season for this sort of thing is Memorial Day to Labor Day. And a few Weekends during the Fall Colors. I did this sort of thing with a Bell 47 back in the early 80's I gotten two seasons before going bankrupt. And I owned the helicopter free and clear at the time. You are going to have to have good seat prices and volume to work. And with the economy the way it is going into summer, I think this season in general is going to be real slim pickins. There are a lot of great spots to put a helicopter to do hop rides, the hard part is finding one that will be profitable to do so. In the end if you can't make a decent profit then its not worth doing. Flight time aside of course. R-44 time has some value, from what I have been seeing in the market place. Keep us updated from time to time, who knows somebody might have and Idea or two that will help you.

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To do rides you will need a 136 LOA from your FSDO. It is not a major project but could take a month or more to complete. You will need a drug program. They are not overly expensive. Just do a google search for DOT drug programs and you will find a lot. The FSDO will inspect the helicopter when you get it. If you are flying over water (except for takeoff and landing only) you will need approved life vests. If you do point to point, you will need a 135 certificate. There is gets more interesting. As it will require much more time to get it. Depending on what level of certificate you are going for, you may need to have an operations manual. The FSDO will do a conformity inspection. You will need to get DOT Economic Authority letter. The process can take a year or more depending on the FSDO.

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Thank you all for the input. I do appreciate it. i suppose the shortest route at this point is to find someone that has most of the requirements in place and then work together on it. I do have to look at this as: "half a loaf is better than none". Time is certainly an issue but what the heck, I will do what I can.

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