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HAI - FAA Southern California Helicopter Safety Seminar

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Just picked up the email announcement & figured it wasn't posted here yet:


2010 Southern California- Helicopter Safety Seminar


Good morning all. A Southern California Helicopter Safety Seminar has been confirmed.


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), in conjunction with Helicopter Association International (HAI), is pleased to announce the 2010 Helicopter Safety Seminar, has been scheduled. We will bring together FAA representatives, Helicopter Operators from Public Use Agencies, Hospital Transports (EMS) and the News Media (ENG), along with various aviation groups and local operators, to discuss a broad range of subjects related to safety during helicopter operations in the Southern California areas. We would appreciate your attendance.


The event is scheduled to be presented on Tuesday, April 20, 2010, at the Burbank Marriott, located at 2500 Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA, 91505, 818-843-6000. Start time will be 08:00 and continue through 15:00 or as long as there are questions and dialog. Additionally, for those that can't make any part of the day presentations, a light reception, (meet & greet) will be held from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM, followed by a town hall event by HAI from 6:15 to 7:30-ish. Please help spread the word. We encourage our recently certificated pilots to attend, as you are the future of tomorrow and can gain vast amounts of knowledge and make new friends by attending. If you operate in or around the basin, you should mark your calendar to attend.


Now that we have a firm date, please send me your RSVP, along with the total number of attendees from your organization. This is a very important issue as a head count is required to ensure there is enough food and beverage for all to enjoy (at our expense).


When replying, please let us know what topics you feel should be discussed. This will help us develop our program agenda towards your needs and interests.


Please don't hesitate to contact me at the numbers/e-mail below should you have any questions. Thank you and we look forward to your response.


Please click here for reservation. This will be a one day event


Gary M Suozzi

Aviation Safety Inspector

Western-Pacific Regional Office

15000 Aviation Boulevard

Lawndale, CA 90261

Tel: 310-725-7271 Fax: (310) 725-6859

E-mail: Gary.M.Suozzi@faa.gov


Hope to see some some forum Guys & Gals there...If I can get the day off.




Just rec'd this too (of course after posting first):


FAASafety.gov - 2010 FAASTeam National Safety Stand Down


You have asked us to notify you when an event is scheduled that meets your criteria. The following event may be of interest to you:

"2010 FAASTeam National Safety Stand Down"

Topic: The 2010 FAASTeam’s National Safety Stand Down targets the four accident causal factors producing the most accidents in the US.

On Saturday, April 17, 2010 at 8:30 AM


Costa Mesa - Neighborhood Community Center

1845 Park Avenue


Costa Mesa, CA 92627


Select Number:




The 2010 FAASTeam’s National Safety Stand Down is a major safety and education initiative to improve general aviation safety through live interactive presentations targeting the four areas producing the most accidents.


To view further details and registration information for this event, click here.


The sponsor for this event is: FAA Safety Team


The following credit(s) are available for the WINGS/AMT Programs:

KRB2 1.00

KEB 1.00

KRB1 0.50

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Just picked up the email announcement & figured it wasn't posted here yet:


2010 Southern California- Helicopter Safety Seminar


I'll be taking the day off so I can attend. Wouldnt miss it. Couple years ago at a similar event I got to have lunch sitting next to Matt Zuccaro..when do those opportunities ever come up again?

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I plan on attending. Hope to see you there.



Fly into Burbank, its right across the street. However from where you might be parking the ship could be quite a walk.... I can pick you guys up if you want.

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Nothing like Obama to ruin our day of fun flying.


I've been to the Safety meeting before and thought it was great. Won't be this year as I am working in Arizona.





PS: Goldy, sent you a PM. Hope all is well.

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Rick (& Susie), Goldy - Nice to see you there as well. Yeah, I kinda think that Matt had the line of the day with that one.


I have to admit that I was expecting A LOT more from this seminar. Good teaser email got me scheduling a day off (it's serious when I'm taking a vacation day). I knew I was in the right room by the smell of 100LL and Jet A. Overall, some basic preparation & communication skills were missing at times - this was especially ironic considering communication was supposed to be a key element of this seminar, as well as too many unwanted distractions (mic feedback, popping). I can understand everyone only having a little time for prep, but come on. I think you could see how polished Matt was in comparison to most. Here's my rundown:


1) Ok who is this moderator guy and why are we fooling around trying to get some comedy clips off of the self-admitted POS gov't purchased (oops, meant OUR POS laptop)? Oh. That would be Gary Suozzi. Got it. Where are the agenda handouts with presenters names and contact info. Well, maybe things will get better. Deputy Boss - good contact to know.


2) Matt Z. - a good review of the state of the industry and what some things on the horizon are. Missed HeliExpo, but I think this would have been some of the notes from the general meeting. A class act and a fine gentleman, he is though. Like a heli-yoda.


3) FAAST info...familiar with most of the web info, but could see an abbreviated version for those who are new to it. I was somewhat offended by Carla's verbal treatment/orders to Ross. Is this really the professional conduct that can be expected? WTF? Hostile work environment has to be in place to be fun? Maybe this is the new and improved FAAST.


4) Rick Weber had a fair presentation with the NVG info. Good comparison images and clips I'm still waiting for the other half of the FAA to move with operational rules & certs for the technology. As he said, slow as molasses. Keeping his contact info handy for future use. And, unless involved with specialized operation, most are not going to afford the NVG sets, training and continual certification. Almost a teaser; "WOW, you gotta see what your missing. Oh, sorry, we're slow in rules & certifying them, and then they're prolly too expensive. But I wouldn't fly at night ever again without'em...


5)No show from ATC? 'Sup wit dat? Perhaps would have been the most critical presenter for me. HAI J. can put on a really good safety presentation, but this was the last minute 'gotta fill in' that should have used a more serious tone. The comedy side was overused and the quotes are only effective if a few are used strategically (all good one he used too, just too many). He had the opportunity to scare the sh!t out of us and leave the residue of safety in out shorts to remember for awhile. He's done it before, and very effectively. Just not this time. Bummer.


6) Lunch. Good food, lively talks and great group. After, seriously thought about leaving. OK, I'll stay.


7) Rick Hatten (think I got his name right...could barely hear at times and I did not have the agenda to verify spelling)had a really interesting presentation on T-10's capabilities and missions. He really came across a really cool and knowledgeable dude. Unfortunately, the presentation (aside form the great technical info and background)was geared for an NIFC contract gear-up. He get's a great 'attaboy from me though. And, I might try to give'em a call to schedule a visit. He offered. On to Keith Johnson.


8) Ok, we're dicking around with the laptop exchange. And remote pointer. NOW would be a good time to call a 5 minute pee break, after all things are filtering from lunch. Yeah, we're adults, but why have people stand up, move around and interrupt a good presentation? Alrightty, Keith had another good safety briefing, just too short on time and he read LOT off the screen (not normal) and I had a difficult time understaning him at times. Let us read the bullets and he can expand on those that are really keeper points.


Aside from the Tanker 10 presentation (interesting presentation, but wrong audience), I walked away a couple of new contacts, but very little new & usable information. This was REALLY disappointing as we had a really good attendance and many operations were represented well (I really felt badly for the guys who came down from Ft. Irwin). I was expecting to have (maybe) a short panel discussion on 'who is where - in what situations' and what we can all do to ensure a safe flight (think in terms of LACFD/LAFD fire responses, LE & ENG events - car chases, airspace chokepoints, etc.). Open discussions and 'roleplaying' would have been helpful for preempting some situations. Especially emergency situations where (maybe) we could all provide some type of assistance, or at least here was a forum to begin discussions. I was also REALLY looking forward to getting SOME information about the 'upcoming' LA Helo Chart/ airspace updates/changes and what/when might be expected. Matt was the 4th person (all from industry orgs or operators) that independently confirmed something is around the corner. But, nothing - even unofficial - from the FAA has been mentioned. Maybe I should have stayed around for the mixer, but I mostly caught up with old pals and met new friends at the break & lunch (was pretty good for the $10 in parking). I was also interested in the state of the operational SMS (aside from what Matt mentioned), but really didn't get much other than some generalities from Keith.


I don't know... it seemed like this came together too quickly and was not nearly as cohesive in terms of subject matter as it should have been. Someone commented they felt this was a 'fill in a box' to show some action for the FAA. Maybe PHPA can pull together a real version of what this seminar should have been (hint, hint Goldy).

JMHO. Maybe I've had too many HAI education courses and I was hearing only the fundamentals from this seminar.




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Thank you for the summary. In terms of safety message it was vastly less directed and effective than the Robinson safety course. It was effective in an oblique sort of way. I thought about what would really help safety.


Some safety suggestions were a bit out of touch;

It was proposed that pilots should report other pilots when they observe questionable flight operations. Pilots do not respond well to this. It is perhaps worse when the criticism is justified. I know that it fosters ill will, and retaliation. Nobody likes a goody good or a snitch.


The FAA speakers suggested that they wanted to promote aviation, and then one speaker got very animated about how they track an aircraft that might have violated their airspace. Sometimes even having a police aircraft intercept. Just the ingredients for a good working relationship.

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Wow guys- I cant say you were too far off the mark. I too felt it could have been better attended (although maybe 150 there?)and more informative. I didnt see any LAFD guys, and a lot of locals missing. I enjoy the annual PHPA safety seminar because it has an element of Los Angeles airspace in it every time. Local complaints, noise sensitive areas, LOA's, etc.


Yes, as always Matt Z was the ultimate. Talk about a guy who knows the industry and to be able to sit back and sip on a beer for an hour talking to him is really something. Great stories.


Rotorhead- Sorry you didnt stick around for beer time, I came back about 6 for a couple.


Good seeing all the VR folks and a lot of local pilots that aren't VR folks...why is that anyway? Guess we're not doing our job in that arena.



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Wow guys- I cant say you were too far off the mark. I too felt it could have been better attended (although maybe 150 there?)and more informative. I didnt see any LAFD guys, and a lot of locals missing. I enjoy the annual PHPA safety seminar because it has an element of Los Angeles airspace in it every time. Local complaints, noise sensitive areas, LOA's, etc.


Well here is one problem. The FAA in their infinite wisdom holds a seminar off airport. I know the airport is across the street but it is not easy access. PHPA has figured out that you must have quick and easy access to your aircraft if you a larger portion of the operators to show. The PD, FD, ENG guys etc, will normally show up if they can leave quickly. If something happens they need the ability to scramble out and go. If I drive from O.C. I am at least an hour drive away just to get back to the aircraft. If I fly in I can be back in the county in about 15 and on scene within 20 minutes. There is a big difference. Obviously we are not the only helicopter operators out there but we are a large portion of the traffic in the basin. Just my 2 cents.

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Well here is one problem. The FAA in their infinite wisdom holds a seminar off airport.


Good point- we could have met at any one of the FBO's right on the field. Don't get the impression that this wasnt worth going to...it was, but just could have been a bit better in some areas.


I was surprised that it was held on 3 weeks notice. It takes that long just to get the word out!


Sorry you couldnt make it,



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