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Causes and statistics in accidents


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I am a pilot (airplane) specialist in human factors. I have to prepare a lecture for Indian helicopter pilots. If I know a lot about HF related to airplanes, I do not know anything about helicopter. I am on a process to search something on the net, but except specific accident analysis and raw statistics, I can not find general analysis of causes for helicopter accident-incident.

Is there a way to get this type of data, if this exists.

I shall appreciate your help.

Thank you in advance

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Thank you Very much RotorPilot.

I know this database. As matter of fact, you can get almots every helicopter accident report around the world (except most of the military).

But, that I am looking for is an analysis of the main causes linked to helicopter accident-incident (mechanic, weather, pilot, training, etc.).

That I would like to do, is to explain in what field pilots have to focuse their attention to ovoid (as much as they can) accident-incident. I kow it seems to dream to an ideal safety world. But when you want people to follow you towads safer  attitudes you have to convince them, with rather (scientific) data. The are a lot of studies made by companies like Boeing, FAA, NTSB about Airplanes (ie. tha Nall report by the Air Safety Foundation). But I spent hours on the net on different websites after metaengines search without success.

Thank you again.

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This came from a good friend. Its NOT yet what you want but its somehow interesting for your purposes:


Analysis of Injuries among Pilots Killed in Fatal Helicopter Accidents


Narinder Taneja and Douglas A. Wiegmann

Aviat Space Environ Med 2003; 74:337-41




Background: Despite advancements in the crashworthiness of helicopters, both the rate and severity of injuries sustained in helicopter accidents remain a cause for concern. The mechanism and pattern of injuries sustained in aircraft accidents can provide vital information for improving survivability.

The purpose of this study was to analyze patterns of injuries sustained by pilots involved in fatal helicopter accidents. Method: Detailed information on the pattern and nature of injuries was retrieved from the Federal Aviation Administration's autopsy database for pilots involved in fatal helicopter accidents from 1993 to 1999.


Results: A review of 84 autopsies revealed that blunt trauma was cited as the primary cause of death in 88.1% of these cases.


The most commonly o ccurring bony injuries were:

  • fractures of the ribs (73.8%),
  • skull (51.2%),
  • facial bones (47.6%),
  • tibia (34.5%),
  • thorax (32.1%),
  • and pelvis (31.0%).

Common organ/visceral injuries included injury to:

  • the brain (61.9%),
  • lung (60.7%),
  • liver (47.6%),
  • heart (41.7%),
  • aorta (38.1%),
  • and spleen (32.1%).

Injury patterns did not appear to be related to the age of the pilot or the phase of flight.

The use of a shoulder harness afforded protection to the occupant against certain injuries.

Conclusions: The findings and their significance are explained in the overall context of crash survivability and have implications for the design of crashworthy aircraft and making helicopter accidents more survivable.


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Hi culturailes


See if this is what you want. I have another one coming up from a friend:


Analysis of Civil Helicopter Accidents





I am having trouble with the URL's that don't work after posting. The code goes wrong !!!

Its the second time this happens. Copy the URL above and paste it in the address windows to check it out.



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