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Reviews on Universal Helicopters (UHI)

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I was not able to find much in the way of reviews, good or bad, for Universal Helicopters in Prescott, AZ. From talking to a couple people at my current school I've heard some negative feedback about them. I'm looking into attending ERAU and UHI is the only helicopter flight provider. So please feel free to share any experiences with this school.

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I am a current student at the Provo UHI campus. I have nothing but good things to say about them. The training is top notch, the instructors are knowledgeable, and held to a high standard. My instrument instructor was transfered down to Prescott, she really knows her instrument stuff.

PM me for more detail if you like.

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Universal Helicopters (UHI) in Prescott, AZ has its good qualities and very bad qualities. First, the good: It is a great way to get your helicopter pilot licenses if you are a veteran. The VA will pay for all of the training if you do UHI's DC3 program. This program consists of online classes at Dodge City Community College in Kansas and flight training at their Prescott (or another UHI) location. Also, the safety aspect of the school is very good. The bad: UHI is not a good employer. This location has terrible management (as of this time - hopefully it will get better). The primary method of motivating the instructors is fear, typically by constantly, publicly, and multiple times a day threatening to fire any of the instructors for any little reason. This makes for a more stressful work environment and a very, very, abnormally high instructor turn-over rate. They also have not been helpful to the new instructors who are trying to meet all the requirements in order to obtain students and therefore get a paycheck. Also no benefits because the instructors are considered independent contractors, even though they work full-time hours.

I don't know about any of the other UHI locations, but the Prescott, AZ UHI may be a great place to go to school, but not to work for. And after getting all your licenses, typically new pilots work for the flight school they went to in order to build up flight hours before moving on to a better, higher paying commercial job.

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Not sure on Universal Helicopters, but if they are anything like Fly Helicopters that was based in Oregon I would stear clear! Fly Helicopters is the son of UHI, very unprofessional and flakey. Let's hope it doesn't run in the family!


Good luck!

Are you sure they are related? I know the owner of UHI has been involved in other flight schools but I've only ever heard about things in California and Arizona.

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