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CFI (300CB/R.22) looking for work.

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Having proudly made the transition from student pilot to unemployed (but eminently employable) CFI, I am seeking employment. Vital stats:


TT Helo: 225

300CB: 160

R.22: 60

E280C: 5


Instrument rated (soon to be CFII), RHC safety course, SFAR73 signoff, and currently in central Florida.


I'm ready and willing to travel to wherever the work may be - if anybody has any leads in either the Denver, CO or central MI area, I'd be very interested. I can be reached through the board or at flingwing207@hotmail.com

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Yes to all of the above...


but seriously,


it took about a year of training (part 141) to go from zero to CFII. (I took longer because I took a total of about eight months off over that time).


I started sending out "feelers" when I got my CFI - just to the places I most wanted to be. A friend met the owner of Hummingbird at Heli-Expo and referred me. I called and interviewed over the phone (emailed resume). My hiring was contingent on the CFII, which I finished the next day.


While I was between CFI and CFII, I recieved one job offer (great place, but too expensive to live), and two emails from schools looking for CFIIs who had seen my resume posted on line.


So: about a year of training, I had a job just before I finished my CFII, and yes, I got lucky! I'm really enjoying it here so far.

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