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Hey dude.....where's my laptop?


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seriously folks... :-)


this has always been a fear of mine.. we do so many photo flights with photogs that have never been in a helicopter..


sooo, we use a leash.. a tether that attaches to every thing in the helo that they use.. so, no surprises.. if the don't like it.. we don't fly.


also, something i learned just this past week.. we use painters tape to cover the seat belt clasp when the doors are off and a photog is in the back seat.. it keeps straps and moving people from unclasping the buckle when the doors are off.. and, the tape is easy to break in an emergency.. awesome..



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I wonder if it was an Apple computer... Then maybe the kid would have grown up to be the next Isaac Newton. :D




Sorry for the terrible joke, Im bored...


the hard drive crashed....


sorry for the terrible joke, i'm bored also!



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