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offshore and USCG reserves


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Just curious, Do any of ya'll who fly offshore also do the Reserves or national guard?


Reason I'm asking is I've always considered doing reserves, and figure if I did manage to get a 7 on 7 off or 2weeks on/2 weeks off, would it be possible to balance both? I don't necessarily need to fly for them. I would actually like to do some of the other jobs the Coast Guard has the offer. It would be more for being able to gain new experiences and improve myself, and overall being able to serve my country, while also CFI or flying offshore. it seems like a good way to be able to fulfill a goal and a dream at the same time.


I'm still very young (21) and awaiting a cfi checkride, so If I did decide to do this I would like to do it soon, and maybe be in the USCG reserves while instructing somewhere even.


Has anybody done this/currently doing this able to shed some light and advice? it seems like a good idea and I'm having trouble finding and downside to it.



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If you did not already know there is no aviation component to the CG Reserve. If you're into boating you could be a boatswains mate in the Reserves and get to do some SAR/LE probably. Or for the "high speed" stuff check out PSU 308, they are out of MS.


As far as working offshore in the gulf of mexico, I would venture to guess that there are a lot of pilots down there who also serve in the Reserves/Guard. I'm pretty sure I asked the same question to a few pilots down there and they told me it should be do-able.


Copy and pasted from PHI's website:


WE Support our Troops

PHI, Inc. supports and actively seeks to employee the members of National Guard and Reserves forces.

In recognition of our dedication to those who unselfishly serve our county, PHI has twice received the “PRO PATRIA” award and has been nominated for the prestigious "Patriot Award." Our Military Leave of Absence and Base pay makeup policies ensure that the careers and finances of our employees will not be adversely effected when called to duty.

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